Nick Hornby: Slam

Posted by nybookworm on April 5, 2009

tony-hawkI guess Slam (2007), Nick Hornby’s latest novel,  is supposed to be for “young adults” but the airport book shop didn’t tell me that so I read it anyway.  This book is about a teenage Tony Hawk devotee (famous pro skateboarder for those of you as uncool as me) who impregnates his also teenage girlfriend.  Don’t worry I didn’t just give away the ending.  The story is told from the point of view of Sam the impregnator and has that naive narrator angle  that works so well when addressing uncomfortable adult topics.  Although the plot is about as cliche as you can imagine (broken home, lonely teenager, no experience with sex, etc.)  since this is geared toward “young adults” the story is cute and fun to read.  It makes for good airplane reading and it’s not like you’re reading Twilight or anything so don’t be embarrassed to buy it.

Amazon link to Slam here: http://www.amazon.com/Slam-Nick-Hornby/dp/0399250484


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