Marina Lewycka: Strawberry Fields

Posted by nybookworm on May 28, 2009

9780143113553Strawberry Fields is the second novel for Lewycka, whose very successful debut novel, A Short History of Ukranian Tractors was nominated for a Booker Prize and generated a lot of favorable buzz when it was first published.  So naturally when I arrived at the house we rented for Memorial Day weekend and found Strawberry Fields, I knew I would have to make it my mission to read it over the long weekend.  Despite serious competition for my attention, including several beer pong games, 9 mile hikes and barbeques, I was able to finish Strawberry Fields and can actually remember enough of it to write this review.  I liked this book- it has the charming immigrant who speaks imperfect English meets the West angle which if done well can be hilarious.  As an added bonus, there is a message there, though, not subtle,about the downside of globalization.  The main characters are migrant workers who come to the UK to pick strawberries from various former Eastern-block countries and end up travelling through the UK through a series of Chaucerian adventures that all go to demonstrate how much it sucks to be part of the shadow economy of a westernized democracy.   I liked this a lot- I don’t think it was too preachy or depressing but it certainly got the message across.

Amazon link here: http://www.amazon.com/Strawberry-Fields-Novel-Marina-Lewycka/dp/1594201374#


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